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Home of panel-based pulse survey app.

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Anyone who has ever conducted a survey knows that getting the right information, at the right level, at the right time is never an easy feat. Supported by a decade’s experience in developing and conducting surveys, we’ve created PanelMe – a panel-based pulse survey app, that allows instant responses to be collated, dissected and understood from panels of engaged participants.

Already being used in the skills sector, click here to learn more about how PanelMe can support you on your own Insight journey.

Why PanelMe?

Target specific user cohorts

Set audience rules to dynamically select who should see your survey based on their attributes

Dig deeper at the click of a button

With our data reports, you can view real-time stats without writing queries. One-click filtering allows you to take a deep dive into any user.

Set up in 15 minutes or less

Set up PanelMe in your app, and your users will thank you for caring enough to ask. It’s the user insight tool both you and your users will love.

Works across web and mobile

Seamlessly capture user insights across all platforms - Android and iOS